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CFA Voysey Pen Tray


Replica CFA Voysey design.

Hand made from polished Copper, 9.5" long.

Made from one piece of metal, cut and folded; the sides decorated with a pierced heart;

    with a scroll at each end, to an original design c1901 by CFA Voysey.

    A pen tray of this design was included in the Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society's exhibition of 1903,

    and according to the exhibition catalogue it cost 10s. and was made by H. J. L. J. Massé.
    Henri Jean Louis Joseph Massé, metalworker, joined the Art Workers' Guild in 1888,

    and became Assistant Secretary in 1889.

    Although the pen tray does not appear to be illustrated before 1903, it is likely that it

    was designed for Voysey's own house a year or two earlier.


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