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charles francis annesley voysey




A selection from a large collection of CFA Voysey designs from Wellspring Textiles.
They are reproduced from period documents and those in private collections.
The patterns can be printed on linen or cotton and can be custom coloured and scaled.
They are suitable for use in curtains, bed covers and light upholstery.


This pattern is one of Voysey's seductively soft and appealing designs.
Highly stylized tulips, tulip leaves and birds create a peaceful rhythm of
ornament that offers a great sense of repose.
Bird and Tulip is an easy choice for bedroom or sitting room but will be equally
happy in any room where a light and somewhat subdued effect is desired.


Soft pale purple birds in gently diagonal foliage with yellow fruit.
This is classic Voysey from around the turn of the Twentieth Century.
Originally produced as a textile this pattern is somewhat Art Nouveau
in appearance, however it was in production and extremely popular
well after Art Nouveau was in eclipse.


Whoot is a seductively mystical and playful pattern of owls
and owlets with foliage and nest.
Classically colored with Voysey's mastery of the blue-green palette,
this design will ennoble any room or wizard's lair.


The demon, by CFA Voysey, is described in the studio magazine of 1893
volume 1 number 1 as a daring harmony in reds & yellow. Like a gaillardia blossom,
it is heightened by the cunning touches of dark green in the background,
hardly noticeable without close inspection. Less eloquently the design may be
described as a harmony in fire and brimstone.


This 1891 design by C.F.A Voysey of gulls on a rolling sea conjures
the sounds of the surf, shore birds, and bracing salt spray off the ocean.
The pattern was originally produced as both a woven textile and wallpaper
and is available today as paper and printed fabric.


This soft and lovely pattern from 1897 is perfect for a bedroom or
an intimate sitting area. The subtle variations in the green tones beautifully set off
the peach coloring of the rose, while the solitary bird keeps vigil amid the bramble.
Voysey believed in the quiet beauty of regularly repeating patterns,
and this simple, undulating design is a perfect example of that.


Poppies was first produced as a printed textile and most famously as a silk bed cover.
The lustrous shades of midnight blue and orange with highlights of gold and
grey green make for a rich pattern indeed.
Appropriate for any room in which one would want to drift away.


If you are fond of morning glories, big morning glories, this is your pattern.
The Saladin is a peaceful palette of greens & blues with pale yellow and red highlights.