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charles francis annesley voysey





CFA Voysey at the Batsford Gallery 1931.

CFA Voysey double inkwell designed c1898, manufactured by Jesson, Birkett & Co.

Detail of CFA Voysey designed Kelmscott Chaucer /
Wedding Anniversary cabinet commission.

CFA Voysey designed handbell.

CFA Voysey's personal book plate.

Voysey designed antique ceramic wall tiles made by Pilkingtons.

voysey brothers
Charles Voysey (right) with his brother Elison (left).

Book plate designed by Voysey.

wallpaper advert
Advert for Essex & Co wallpapers designed by Voysey in 1906.

Broadleys entrance
Examples of my Voysey furniture, clocks and metalwork now
reside in many CFA Voysey designed houses around the country.
Table at Broadleys, Cumbria.

Broadleys stairwell
Chair at Broadleys, Cumbria.

CFA Voysey designed gold, enamel & pearl brooch, for the Rev. J. Tetley Rowe, 1896.