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Norman Jewson Plasterwork at Cotswold Farm, modeled in 1926.


A collection of Arts & Crafts plasterwork - Cast from original moulds and patterns designed and modeled by Ernest Gimson and Norman Jewson.
Decorative plasterwork was undertaken by many of the leading Arts and Crafts architects, craftsmen and designers, such as Phillip Webb and George Jack and followed by George P Bankart, Ernest Gimson, Norman Jewson and
M H Baillie Scott.

Some modeled the initial designs in clay, others with wet plaster and others carved them in wood, either way a mould was then taken so that it could be reproduced by casting. Once dry the casts could be fixed to walls, ceilings and used to disguise beams, the joints made good afterwards with more plaster. In some instances the designs were subtly coloured using water based paints.

This was one craft actually practiced by Ernest Gimson, modeling the designs in wet plaster with his finger, creating the essence of the wildlife he was portraying in a free and easy style. He worked with G P Bankart on many commissions and later taught Norman Jewson, initially by sending him out each day to make studies of plants and other wildlife, adapting the essential characteristics required for this craft and for formal patternwork.

In 1911 Norman Jewson married Ernest Barnsley's daughter Mary, converting Bachelors Court in Sapperton, Glos,
to their new home. At this time he was working in partnership with Gimson, he then set up his own architectural practice in Cirencester in 1919. After Ernest Barnsley died he took over work at Rodmarton Manor in 1925, his major work here was the chapel, but he also designed the leadwork rainwater downpipes, with their delightful animal details cast into the brackets and hoppers. Some of these wildlife designs were later used for plasterwork at Cotswold Farm, Glos.

Also in 1925-1926 he purchased and undertook the saving from dereliction, and repair of Owlpen Manor, Glos,
This was was such a massive undertaking he was unable to afford to live there after repair and had to sell it, but
not before he had designed some beautiful plasterwork for the restoration of the Great Hall.

Owlpen and Rodmarton Manors are both open to the public where you can see the plaster and leadwork in-situ. There are also examples of plasterwork at Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum, including one of George Jacks Seagulls, Ernest Gimson's Oak frieze and several of Norman Jewsons designs.

George Jack study for a Coloured plaster Seagull, c.1890.


George Jack Squirrel and Hedgehog amongst Foliage plaster plaque.


George Percy Bankart plaster Mantle Piece at "Wood," Devon.


Norman Jewson Watercolour study of Primrose.


Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott - Rowan Ceiling Panel for "Blackwell," Cumbria.


Ernest W. Gimson Interior of a Room at Pinbury Park, Gloucestershire.


Ernest Gimson Oak frieze cast, ready for a mould to be made.


Norman Jewson Vine frieze mould.


Ernest Gimson coloured Plasterwork design c.1910. Photo courtesy Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum.


A collection of Arts & Crafts plasterwork - Cast from original moulds and patterns, designed and modeled by Ernest Gimson and Norman Jewson.

All casts can be supplied with hanging hooks for easy display.

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