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Charles F.A. Voysey

By David Gebhard.

1975 Hardback.

Hard to find copy of this excellent book, well illustrated with B&W images.

A must have for any Voysey enthusiast.




By Chance I Did Rove

By Norman Jewson.

1973 Hardback.

Jewson's autobiography, a delightful reflection on the life and landscape of England's Cotswold Hills; a surprisingly detailed acount of the village in Jewson's time, with useful notes on building, costs etc and of course
Ernest Gimson. Illustrated with F L Griggs etchings and with b&w photographs. Thoroughly recommended.






By Charles FA Voysey.

Scarce and very hard to find copy of the 1986 reprint, in good condition.
Contains some black and white photographs of his work. 

C.F.A. Voysey, architect and designer (1857-1941), had his most productive years as an architect from 1890 to 1910. He wrote Individuality in 1915 when the first world war had brought his architectural practice virtually to a standstill. It was his way of recording the priciples that had been the basis of all his work.There is an essential Englishness in anything designed by Voysey - an idiosyncratic character unlikely to be confused with any of his contemporaries. He was a passionate supporter of the Art Workers Guild and of the unity of the Arts - architects, painters, sculptors and craftsmen in every trade working together to produce buildings, furniture and utensils making the most of the natural qualities of their materials. In his country houses he designed all the furniture, textiles, fireplaces and tiling. Every detail of his work was drawn from personal experience of building and the crafts.






Thomas Elsley Ltd
20-30, GT. Titchfield Street, London, W.1.
The Ironmongers and Metalworkers of London

Complete period metalwork catalogue full of photographs,
line drawings and prices, covering fireplaces, sculpture, door fittings, keys,

rain water goods, lighting, etc etc.



An Introduction to Decorative Woodwork

By Herbert H Grimwood & Frederick Goodyear
1947 Second Edition Hardback.

Essential reference work for anyone interested in making or collecting
Cotswold School furniture. Contains a wealth of information, line drawings and photographs, including designs by Gordon Russell, Stanley Davis, Romney Green etc.



Christopher Dresser - A Design Revolution

Edited by Michael Whiteway.

Excellent reference work and beautifully illustrated.



Victorian & Edwardian Furniture & Interiors

By Jeremy Cooper, 1987 Hardback.

Outstanding reference book covering the Gothic Revival through to Art Nouveau.