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charles francis annesley voysey



A selection from a large collection of CFA Voysey Wallpapers from Trustworth Studios.
They are reproduced from period documents and those in private collections.
The patterns are produced both by the hand silk screening process and digital technology.
Most patterns are produced in true document scale and color.
Digital technology allows some patterns to be scaled to suit a client's requirements.
Wallpaper Boarders are also available.


The Blue Bird is a cheery pattern of birds and fruiting vines
forming a protective arbor of hearts.



Angelic Forest is a late Voysey pattern offering the designer's view of a world
that is quite simply pure magic. There are always fairies at the bottom of
Voysey's garden and obviously angels, too.


Designed c.1930 this pattern was drawn quite late in Voysey's career and
during very hard financial times still speaks to the designer's view of a better
world through the eyes of a child. This paper is a compilation of Tenniel's
original illustrations for Alice in Wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass
colored and arranged by Voysey into a landscape for the child in all of us.


Are there Fairies at the bottom of your garden? There certainly could be with
this design from 1896. Voysey's signature stylized doves are in graceful
flight through a forest of softly shaded trees under planted with
mushrooms and hyacinth. Pale tones of green, blue ochre, teal and lavender
ideally suit this pattern to any room where elegance and repose are desired.


In delicate shades of cream, green, yellow, and black, "Fool's Parsley" is an
elegant example of interlacing stylized floral form. The pattern also offers four
of the most charming birds Voysey ever drew. Appropriate anywhere
a gentle yet sophisticated design is desired. Designed c.1907.


Designed c.1900. Whether you're of a Socratic mind or just in the mood for a
soft and peaceful repeating pattern, Hemlock may be and ideal choice for your
requirements. Voysey chose this design for his own bedroom and it may be
seen in archival images of The Orchard his home in Chorleywood.
Hemlock is rendered in soft shades of green, yellow,
and pale blue on a cream ground.


Designed c.1896. In "The Squire's Garden", CFA Voysey evokes the serene
dreams of a peaceful pleasure garden from an all but vanished past. Peacocks strut
amid potted oranges,dovecotes and rose covered trellises in this pattern from 1896.
The soft colors and gentle structured formality ideally suite this design to hallways
and dining rooms, or wherever a dignified atmosphere is desired.


Designed c.1889. This is a fairly early and somewhat atypical design for Voysey.
It is open to all sorts of entertaining interpretations however the least
confrontational would have to be Voysey's inherited view of a benevolent God
and a complete rejection in a belief of Hell and any of its representatives.
The pattern has been interpreted in soft colors of cream and blue
with highlights of gold and red.