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Hand hammered copper wall light No 88E made by Thomas Elsley,

as originally supplied to Moorcrag c.1898.

Charles Francis Annesley Voysey designed a variety of light fittings for the interiors he created.

These designs were produced for him principally by two Art Metalwork firms,

Thomas Elsley and W. Bainbridge Reynolds. Ranging from the labour intensive hand beaten copper wall lights shown above, to table lamps cast in bronze and brass with spun copper metal reflector shades that could be angled to direct the light source. The designs were often altered

and refined as his latest interiors required illuminating, though he also used many of these successful designs many times over.

Today handmade replica's of all the Voysey light fittings shown are available to order,

and in some instances can be supplied from stock.

Other designs not shown are currently being researched and will be available

in the future or to special order.

Elsley No 106E Pendant ceiling light with glass bowl shade, c.1906, used in many of Voysey's interiors.

Bronze table lamp with copper reflector shade made by T. Elsley c.1904.

Flower-form brass wall light  with special glass shade.


Icicle Pendant light c.1895 & made by W. Bainbridge Reynolds.