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  CFA Voysey Looking Glass 30_10

CFA Voysey Dressing Table Mirror

Materials: Figured English oak. Very decorative toilet glass / dressing table mirror adjustable by means of an ingenious ratchet mechanism shaped in the fine form of an eagle in flight. Fine chamfered detailing and pierced Voysey hearts, and drawer for jewellery.

Inspiration: Charles Francis Annesley Voysey design c1919.

15" wide x 6.25" deep and 22.25" high.

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  daneway_mirror_2 30_10

Daneway Mirror

Materials: Figured English oak with fine chip carving. Inlaid with 7000 year old
bog oak and abalone shell. Bevelled mirror glass.

Inspiration: Cotswold School design inspired by the work of Ernest Gimson and
the Barnsley Brothers.

Size: 25" high x 15 " wide.


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